Pedestrian barrier

Pedestrian barrier

Complex Technical Center OOO CTC "Ukraine" manufactures main types of pedestrian barriers - restraining and limiting barriers.

Restraining pedestrian barriers prevent pedestrians falling from bridge structures and road earthwork, which are objects with significant height difference.

By placement conditions restraining pedestrian barriers are divided into:

  • - Road barriers installed at the edge of road shoulder
  • - Bridge rails installed at the edge of footway (severity at least 1.27 kJ)

Limiting pedestrian barriers regulate stream of pedestrians and eliminate possibility of their entering the roadway where it is forbidden to avoid collision with cars.

restraining and limiting pedestrian barriers

By placement conditions barriers of this type are divided into:

  • - those installed along footways and lateral dividing strip.
  • - those located at underground or overhead crossings.
  • - those installed in lawns and other sites to be protected against damage caused by pedestrians.
  • - those located around overhead crossing supports and sign posts to avoid people getting in dangerous zones.

By principle of operation limiting pedestrian barriers are divided into:

  • - parapet railing
  • - barrier railing
  • - rack mounted railing
  • - composite structures

Pedestrian barriers manufactured by Complex Technical Center OOO CTC "Ukraine" in compliance with all standards and norms meet all legislative requirements concerning strength of such structures, and therefore, their reliability. Variety of manufactured barriers' forms will facilitate their organic blending in with the infrastructure of any new town.